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Jew, you didn't tell me you got yer tablet. IM GONNA RAPE YOU!

WillOG responds:


I didn't voice in this so there is no bias whatsoever. I do think that the voice of James must be sexy as hell though, and I bet everyone is extremely jealous of his masculinity. Oh yeah, the other voice was good too!

Great job, the animation is a definate improvement over the last one you made. Glad to see some improvement! Although, I would SERIOUSLY consider adding in a preloader, lots of people may not view this due to seeing a white screen.

Maverick, did you purposely add in the "I almost just wee'd" from the auditions? That was fucking hilarious haha.

Jawnduss responds:

Wait, what do i do with the preloader? i'm new to this.

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Dis im possible

Cant do it wutf

Holy shit

Here they come, it's the enemies!



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I love it man, great ambiance. Your instrument choices really define it :)

stunkel responds:

Thanks :D

Very impressive mate! I'm so glad to hear the final version, huge improvement from the previous iterations i've heard (not saying they were bad, all of it was great) Keep it up dude!

stunkel responds:

Thanks Eric!

And nah, the earlier versions sucked! hahaha. The melodies weren't as memorable or anything. Thanks though means a lot! And great job testing :3


Great job Ryan, definitely improving every day haha. :)

One thing I enjoyed about this song was the latter half during the buildup, perfect song for a winter mood. When you said you were going for realism you did an extremely great job, as the quality on this is on another level as far as production goes in comparison with your earlier work.

Oh and dat ending...

stunkel responds:

Hey thanks Eric.

The winter mood definitely was a big feeling that I get from the song. It's kind of odd that I am getting it around October but I don't know... And It's good to hear that the production on this piece is better on this than my earlier work. It only means I'm improving! I was surprised to get such a professional review from you :P

Thanks for reviewing dude!


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Holy shit Will how do you even do this... o_o'

"I like this a lot." - Ryan Stunkel

I guess you could say it's a SPITTING IMAGE of Marley ;D

WillOG responds:

How long were you thinking up that one?

Intergalactic spaceman.

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